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The pressure was on for Steve. They’d picked out the ring. She feared an informal, uneventful “Here’s the ring, so will you?” sort of engagement was imminent. Steve, however, had other plans. Or rather, he knew to hire The Yes Girls to make those other plans for him. They dreamed up a scene right out of the Pixar hit, Up. (I still cry during the first fifteen minutes of that movie, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. And I’ve seen it a lot given I have a balloon obsessed little one in the house.)

Thank you, Steve (and Janel) for inviting me to be a part of your engagement, by far one of the sweetest I’ve ever encountered!

I loved that Janel was rockin’ her first pair of Louboutins as she walked onto the scene. She took them off for a couple of kicky shots but mind you me, they stayed within sight. When I encouraged both of them to grab a cupcake for a shot, she of course grabbed the bling. (He took a tie.) And when Steve appeared (from inside the restaurant) to say his heartfelt somethings (I honestly couldn’t hear that part) — this former pageant girl knew that my camera would be snapping. She totally knew what she was doing in front of the camera which made my job that much easier — and — that much more fun.

They teased they were going to go ahead and get married the same night. Crazier things have happened … (Don’t I know it?)

Steve and Janel, enjoy this peek at your photos. More are coming your way soon!